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Everything You Need in One App

Standard Features


  • Your App under Your Account

  • Splash Page Design

  • Menu Design

  • Color Theme

  • Banner Management


  • Use AMS Login Through API

  • Use Community Login Through API

  • Create Account

  • Membership Type/Status Display


  • Multi-Event Display

  • Singe Event Display

  • Session/Speaker/Sponsor/Document/Survey/Poll/Q&A

  • Complete Eventpedia App Functionalities


  • Seamless Higher Logic Integration

  • Member Directory

  • Create/display/reply Posts

  • View community Members

  • Resources

  • Profile Management


  • Banner Rotating Display

  • Configure Banner Behavior

  • Unlimited Banners

  • Sponsor Page Configuration

Private Social Networking*

  • Group Chat/Discussion

  • Video Channel

  • Private Feed/Post Wall

  • Connect with Friends


  • Real time notification delivery

  • Schedule notifications delivery

  • Deliver Notifications to Target Groups

  • App User Contact Request

User Portal

  • Design Feature/Menu Display

  • Contact Us configuration

  • Push Notification Configuration

  • App Analytics

  • Integration Configuration

Custom Features

Want to deliver a unique and amazing member experience?  We can customize the app to meet your business requirement to provide a complete member engagement platform.  Here is just a list of sample custom features we can do to help you retain and grow your members.  We can build any custom feature if there is API available.

Custom Alerts

Set up custom alerts to send push notifications to specific groups of members via your member app. Use this feature to introduce  sessions based on interests, renewal reminders, and much more!


Integrate with your AMS, LMS CMS, registration, or website to pull data into your member app. Integration is done through API or web services consumption. We will work with your system vendors to smooth out any integration related issues.

Digital Magazine/Publications

Connect to your hosted publications, digital magazines, newsletters, and more to allow your members to easily access them from their smartphones. Eliminate paper waste, reduce printing cost, and information is always available for access.

Permission-based Content Display

Create a single sign on with the same AMS credentials or one based off the users in Memberpedia. You can restrict access to specific modules by adding permissions based on your business logic to control the visibility of data and feature.

Member Directory

Allow app users to search your member database. Integrate with AMS or use our baseline to populate member database. Enable location services and set up private chat for members to communicate.

Register and Watch Webinars

Display webinars within your app for all members to view or restrict access based on those who have registered. You can also allow users to sign up for your webinars inside your webinar feature.

and more...

Growing and retaining your members is priceless. 

Memberpedia Starts with

$5,000 One-Time Setup


$500/Month or $5,000/Year

You are on your way to success.